Our Philosophy

We’re serious about our responsibility to protect, restore, and preserve our environments so future generations can experience the magic too. 

Sustainability is core to who we are. Every day we work to reduce our impacts whilst making positive change to leave things better than when we found them. 

Sustainability in Action

When it comes to taking positive action, we focus our attention on the areas where we know we can have the greatest impacts. 

We’ve removed all single-use plastics from our in-room amenities. We use eWater for cleaning across the lodges. Where we can, we grow our own produce to use in our kitchens, and we find new ways to recycle and reduce waste as much as we can. We run our lodges on green energy, some with their own solar power and battery storage installed. We have a water treatment plant on Orpheus Island so we can use recycled water for irrigation, and we do the same with rainwater we collect at Mt Mulligan Lodge. 

Reef Keepers Fund

The magic of the Great Barrier Reef is part of our identity. Every day we take positive action to protect and preserve it at our lodges, and through funding from Morris Family Foundation. 

For every night a guest stays at a Morris Escapes luxury lodge, The Ville Resort-Casino, and Ardo a donation is made to the foundation’s Reef Keepers program. 

Reef Keepers supports the health of the ocean and the reef by protecting marine ecosystems, reducing ocean pollution, and improving water quality to reduce sediment run-off. 


Orpheus Island Lodge and Mt Mulligan Lodge are certified through Ecotourism Australia’s world leading ecotourism certification program. 

This means when you travel with us, you’re supporting a business that is backed by a strong, well-managed commitment to sustainable practices that provides high-quality nature-based tourism experiences.   

Our certification emphasises our commitment to caring for our natural environment, engaging guests with quality interpretation and education, supporting and engaging with local communities, reducing our carbon footprint, protecting our unique wildlife and endangered species, and contributing to conserving and preserving First Nations Australians cultures. 

The Ecotourism Australia Certification programs are recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). 

Mt Mulligan Lodge

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