About Morris Escapes

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About Morris Escapes

Our History

With Orpheus Island Lodge attracting a new kind of visitor to the region, the seed was sown for a collection of luxury lodges showcasing the best of Queensland. 

Mt Mulligan Lodge was built and officially joined the stable in 2019, with Beechmont Estate following suit in 2022, and the newest addition in 2023, Pelorus Private Island rounding off Morris Escapes’ iconic celebration of reef, outback, and hinterland.

Morris Group

Morris Escapes is created by Morris Group, an independent family-run business built on Computershare founder Chris Morris’ biggest passions. 

From luxury resorts and lodges to urban beer gardens, elevated dining experiences, and superyacht adventures; everything we do is inspired by our love for good company and the great outdoors. 

Morris Group is elevating the Australian good life while striving to make a positive impact on our people, our places, and our planet. 

Morris Family Foundation

With a strong focus on tackling the root causes of issues, the foundation works towards environmental and social justice across five main areas including: community transitions for a safe climate; regenerative agricultural systems; Australia’s oceans and reefs; First Nations Australians; and international development.

Reef Keepers Fund

The magic of the Great Barrier Reef is part of our identity. Every day we take positive action to protect and preserve it at our lodges, and through funding from Morris Family Foundation.

For every night a guest stays at a Morris Escapes luxury lodge, The Ville Resort-Casino, and Ardo a donation is made to the foundation’s Reef Keepers program.

Reef Keepers supports the health of the ocean and the reef by protecting marine ecosystems, reducing ocean pollution, and improving water quality to reduce sediment run-off.

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