Family-Friendly Outback Adventure: The Ultimate Family Holiday at Mt Mulligan Lodge

28 Feb, 2024

School holidays look a little different when you take the family on adventure holidays in the Australian outback.

Set against the dramatic backdrop of Ngarrabullgan (Mount Mulligan) on a 28,000 hectare outback property 160 kilometres north-west of Cairns, the family-friendly Mt Mulligan Lodge is designed for those who know the best memories are made when you’re on an adventure. As General Manager, Adam Barnett says, “This is the first hotel I have worked at where parents love seeing their kids getting dirty and dusty!”

With gold rush and mining history to be discovered, ATVs to ride, the chance to take part in cattle mustering (in season), and a centrepiece weir calling you to fish, kayak, and stand-up paddleboard, by the time you gather around the fire pit as dusk descends, the kids’ eyelids will be heavier than a first-generation iPad.

Here are just some of the ways you can create the ultimate family-friendly adventure holidays at Mt Mulligan Lodge.

Ditch the devices and embrace adventure

You’re in the outback so it’s time to untether from technology and dose up on family-friendly adventures, lest they suffer any serious withdrawals. With no mobile phone coverage and extremely limited WiFi, this is the chance to introduce the kids to the bush telly (aka fire) and enjoy the expansiveness of each day in (truly) present company.

Forget theme parks and go tubing instead

Spend a VIP afternoon on the Hodgkinson River floating on tubes and taking in the serenity of the outback, just for your family (max. 4 guests). While the kids try their luck panning for gold or catching a red claw, you can enjoy a sundowner on the river bank.

Meet the locals

Adventure holidays are always that little bit richer when there’s wildlife involved. Meet the Brahman that call this cattle station home, go stand-up paddleboarding on the weir to spy elusive platypus, or hop into a kayak and try ‘yak angling’ for barramundi. Riding ATVs also adds to the adventure.

Become a junior ranger (no khakis required)

Children of all ages are welcome at Mt Mulligan Lodge and whether you’ve got toddlers or teens, sign them up to become a junior ranger during your stay. They’ll learn about animal tracks and bush medicine, feed the barramundi in the weir and get schooled on the flora and fauna of this ruggedly beautiful place. Back at base camp, there’s puzzles, colouring, drawing and more to keep them engaged, with content tweaked to suit.

Show them stars you won’t find on TikTok

Stargazing in the Australian outback is unsurpassed and a great family-friendly activity to enjoy together on your holiday. Look through the telescope and use the Mount Mulligan Night Sky Map during the guided Celestial Dreams experience to get acquainted with the infiniteness of the southern sky.

Go outback glamping

Embrace the family camping holiday spirit without roughing it when you book the solar powered Outback Family Tent at Mt Mulligan Lodge. Or if you prefer solid walls to canvas, the Outback Pavilion and Outback Suite both provide ample space for families. The Outback Pavilion has two separate bedrooms, two bathrooms, two outdoor bathtubs and a sitting area which can accommodate a fifth guest.

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